I am a Trainer, Actor and Consultant certified in PCM (Process Communication Model).

My professional experience - over 7 years in recruiting Top and Middle Management in Romania and over 7 years as an actress on theater stages and film sets in England - is an unique advantage in Romania: in addition to the organizations’ expertise that any recruiter gains, my experience as an actor supported the development of a deep understanding of emotions and communication.

I focus on development programs that have impact in Team Influence & Motivation, Conflict Management, Stress Management, Leadership and Communication.

I am a firm believer in human potential and enjoy discovering the best in every person I meet. I always strive to find the best resources for each project, the right fit for the company and the right tools to integrate and develop the human potential. I am interested in bringing value by developing every person’s self awareness, presentation and communication skills and by increasing the employees' experience.


Te provoc sa-ti fie bine

Communication 6.0 with PCM
(6 Personalities, 0 Difficulties in Communication)

If communication is not that important, why would NASA invest in it? PCM is based on a theory of personality and communication and has practical applicability in self-awareness, team motivation, sales, negotiation, conflict management, stress management, leadership and communication. It has been validated by the psychotherapy and transactional analysis community in the 70s. Since then it has been practiced in 54 countries by leading organizations like NASA, Coca-Cola, L’Oreal, American Express, Disney. It was also been used to support the development of communication skills and strategies of American presidents.

Effective Teams with Forum Theatre

From avoidance to collaboration in the work environment. Forum Theatre is a form of applied theatre developed in 1960 by Augusto Boal - well known theatre practitioner that focused on developing different applied theatre concepts. It has practical applicability in team collaboration, conflict management, leadership and communication. Through Forum Theatre you’ll feel empowered to take action - by having the chance to try your own ideas in a safe space and see the direct and immediate impact you’ve made. You’ll address barriers that undermine personal accountability in a captivating, real scenario to experiment a solution from idea to practice. Forum Theatre has been used as an educational tool by UNESCO, Harvard and it was included in TIE (Theatre in Education - Applied Theatre in UK), multiple NGOs and leading organizations.

Team building with Improvisation

Improv Training Is Great Business Training said Forbes Magazine. Improvisational theater is a form of live theater in which most performances are created on the spot by actors. While it’s typically associated with comedy, the core principles can be applied to a wide range of scenarios-even business. It has practical applicability in Growth Mindset development, Communication, Creativity boost, Team Work and Collaboration. Fortune 500 companies have used improvisation to develop skills like adapting to change and uncertainty, agility, active listening, storytelling, creative thinking, and team collaboration.

Presentation Skills & Public Speaking

The fear of Public Speaking is the number one fear according to Forbes Magazine. The effect of a powerful presentation is long lasting. Even a short speech can motivate people to change long-held beliefs or to take action, and a well delivered presentation can transform a normal person into a leader. You’ll explore how to structure presentations, communicate memorably, and present confidently. You will diminish your public speaking anxiety, get rehearsal methods to develop an engaging presence, and get the chance to practice in a safe environment. The model you’ll practice is versatile for briefings, elevator pitches, short presentations and even for 1 hour presentations.