I am a firm believer in human potential and enjoy discovering the best in every person I meet. I always strive to find the best resources for each project, the right fit for the company and the right tools to integrate and develop the human potential. I am interested in bringing value by developing every person’s presentation and communication skills and by increasing the employees' experience.


Make the odds be ever in your favor.

Interview Skills

When you get to be invited to an interview and you get nervous, that’s when I can help. My 8 years of interviewing experience as an HR Consultant can help you with your interview skills, presentation skills. By being more prepared, your confidence will increase, too. That will put you in a better position when you present yourself for the interview.

Perfect CV

When you need to work on your CV to get more chances to get invited for an interview, that’s when I can help. My 8 years of CV selection as an HR Consultant can improve the appearance and the structure. Linkedin profile is a bonus.

Business Support

When you need to hire people and you don't know what to look for in a canditate, that's when I can help. I advise you regarding your interview plan, candidate professional compentecies and your best approach.

Presentation Skills

When you have a presentation or speech to give and you’re nervous, that’s when I can help. My 8 years of experience in acting can support you and guide you to be more comfortable with being YOU in front of others.

MyCareer Show

or how I make the world better. I interview real people with real jobs for you to see what does a person actually do on the job that you want, what does it take to be good at that job and how can you get that job. I believe that an informed person takes a more educated decision and when this involves your career, it is too important to be left to chance. If your decision is more informed it will diminish the risk of job disappointment. And that will increase your job experience overall, which will get you more satisfaction and more happiness. It will have an effect not only on your life, but also on every person you get in contact with.